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If you are a leader and need to make a decision it is important to move forward. If you are stuck then your organization stays stuck. Learn how to make a decision and why it's important.

If you are in a leadership position it is so important to make decisions that are in alignment with who you…

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Are you feeling burned out? Tired? Not sure why you feel this way?
I have been seeing a lot of people trying to "make up" for what they feel they lost this year. What if you allowed your body's wisdom to tell you what you need?

If you are tired to living your life on other people's terms, or ba…

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Are you feeling tired, exhausted, or just plain burnt out? It has been a roller coaster of emotions this past year plus. Give yourself grace, I have a quick solution inside this video.

If you haven't received your free guide "5 Keys to Overcoming Overwhelm as an Empath/HSP" Go the link below to …

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Have some of your interactions with people leave you feeling stressed, not enough, or just upset?
If that is the case it is time to take a look at your shadow, this is the part of yourself that you pushed away and the relationship is a gift to help you recognize and acknowledge the denied parts of…

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What is stopping you from reaching your next level of success? Do you find yourself in the same place and repeating the same patterns? Are you ready to do things differently?
In this Vlog I describe what could be getting in your way and what you can do to help.
*What is in your Shadow?
*Your Pers…

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Are you ready to manifest your Divine life? Do you have a strong calling and don't know where to begin. Please join me for this powerful masterclass where you will:
*Learn a 3 step process to understand your soul’s purpose (dharma) and empower yourself to claim the life you were meant to live.

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April 10, 2021

Are you Rowing Upstream?

Does it feel like you are always working so hard and pushing? Does it feel like doors have to rammed open? What if things could be different?
In this Vlog I discuss why this doesn’t work and what you can do instead.

Check out my podcast: “using your intuition to make aligned decisions”


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Are you ready to Opulently shine your light without exhaustion?
Are you ready to live a life aligned with your Purpose while preserving your Treasured relationships?
Are you ready to move beyond the life you were prescribed to the life you are called into?
If you answered Yes to these questions t…

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Sometimes we need tools to help your intuition. When I feel blocked one of my favorite tools are oracle cards. I collect Oracle cards and alternative the deck or decks I use regularly.

I have a deck of cards that I created with my sister @Neena Buxani “The Jewels Inside” (Link in Bio)

Check out…

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Can you believe we have hit a full year? Things have been closed and opened, in some places more than others. Either way, it has been a roller coaster or as some people refer to it as the corona coaster.
In this video I discuss how you can move forward and make positive changes, it is a simple str…

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Can you believe we have hit a full year? Things have been closed and opened, in some places more than others. Either way, it has been a roller coaster or as some people refer to it as the corona coaster.
In this video I discuss how you can move forward and make positive changes, it is a simple str…

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Does it seem like as soon as you process something, something else happens? What can you to do manage your stress even during this uncertainty?

I discuss a Key strategy you can use right now to manage your stress as a Highly sensitive person or Empath.

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How are you now? the euphoria of 2020 being over is done.
We are in the middle of February. Checking in, are you feeling a lack of motivation? Find out what you can do now to get back on track.

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Do you feel like planning is heavy? Not for you as and a Highly sensitive person? Are you feeling the weight of everything happening and just don't see the point of planning.
In this Vlog, I share how you can plan in an aligned way.

If you want to apply for a consultation for a VIP planning day:…

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Many of us were happy to see 2020 over, now that we are in 2021 and it is apparent that things are not going back to the way they were, what would you like to change this year?

Instead of New Year's resolutions, do this instead to have a better life now!

If you haven't received my free gift:

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As we start the year off, there are so many messages of what you should be doing, goals, and resolutions that you "should" do. In this video, I talk about what to do instead of setting goals/resolutions so your years aligned with what you truly want, not what you think you need.
If you want to bo…

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Do you have a vision for 2021? Did you throw away your planner in 2020 because it felt like your plans could no longer happen. I am going to talk about how it’s important to have a vision and even a vision board for 2021.

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Do you wait till the new year to make your resolutions?
I’m going to encourage you to do things differently this year. If you want to feel better and want to shift your energy 2021, this blog is for you.

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Do the holidays bring stress ? Overwhelm? Is it worse this year?
Learn a simple strategy to help you have more joy this year.

I also mention my blog post:

My podcast:

My free gift to you:…

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How do you access your intuitive guidance?
You can use your connection to spirit and use tools to help you with that process.
One of my favorite tools is oracle cards.
In this video, I use a set of oracle cards that I have created called the Jewels inside.
I often use oracle cards to help me access…

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Nov. 12, 2020

How to Relax Now

Are you waiting for things to change or to finish something so you can relax?
What if your released the grip now? How much better would your life be?

Learn more in my Vlog

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Are you feeling intense energy right now? does it feel heavy and you are just not sure what to do? I have some tips to help you in this video.

If want to receive my free guide: "5 Keys to Overcoming Overwhelm as an HSP or Empath", click the link below:…

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What is your intuition telling you that you are ignoring?
Is your higher self, your voice of wisdom guiding you to either let go of something or to do something, but you are ignoring it?
It's time to pay attention.

Receive a copy of "5 Keys to Overcoming Overwhelm as an HSP or Empath"


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Oct. 8, 2020

How to Make Decisions

Are you at a crossroads ? Do you need to make a choice ? Are you looking outside yourself hoping to find the answer?
You have the answers... how to look inward for answers.

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