Oct. 19, 2021

Your Breath is a Powerful Tool: Interview with Hayley Ebersole

Your Breath is a Powerful Tool: Interview with Hayley Ebersole

Hayley Ebersole, Founder of the Body-Mind Freedom Membership, supports soulful visionaries to release overwhelm and stress by cultivating inner and outer strength and wellbeing so they can embody the change they wish to see in the world. As a personal trainer, holistic wellness coach and yoga teacher, her work offers a pathway to physical, emotional and soul healing through reconnection to the wisdom of nature inside of our own bodies through group movement rituals, classes and courses.

In a culture that rarely supports positive change, it can be easy to lose touch with ourselves. Hayley explains that as leaders, it is vital to ground our minds and bodies in the natural world. A simple way to do this is by touching your own body during mediation. According to Hayley, this method calms the nervous system and amplifies the benefits of your practice. Hayley finds that when she closes her eyes, places her hand on her belly, and takes a deep breath, she is no longer in her head, but rather grounded to the earth through her own body.

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn more about the ways you can deepen your meditation practice, create energetic boundaries and become rooted in nature to cultivate inner and outer strength.

• “In order to do my work and to be a leader in the world, I do need to structure my life around self-care.” (06:33-06:42)

• “There was really a shift for me when I began to make the connection between the trauma that many of us hold and a culture that doesn't doesn't generally create space for alternative forms of leadership.” (08:47-09:05)

• “If another human touches us, we get a beautiful, juicy hormone dump. But, we can experience a similar calmness to the nervous system by touching our own body.” (17:16-17:32)
• “Rediscovering the inherent and natural cycle of nature as our experience innately draws us into our soul.” (23:37-23:56)

• “The best way to disempower someone is to disconnect them from their body and the most effective way to disempower someone is to not only disconnect them from their body, but to make them feel like the body is the enemy.”  (30:51-31:09)

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Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin: https://www.animas.org/books/soulcraft/

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