Oct. 12, 2021

Why Trusting Intuition Is Harder for BIPOC Women

Why Trusting Intuition Is Harder for BIPOC Women

Your host, Kavita Melwani, continues her conversation on multicultural women looking to step into their authentic selves in ways that don’t necessarily fit within their cultural norms. In this episode, Kavita introduces three challenges that BIPOC women and first and second generation immigrants commonly face. Each of the challenges has one very important element in common: intuition.

Kavita explains that BIPOC women are often taught that their feelings are not valid and that they must fit in to stay safe. In addition, BIPOC women often select the practical choice because impractical decisions are deemed too risky. Kavita dives deep into each of these challenges and advises listeners on how to overcome them using intuition.

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to hear more about host Kavita Melwani’s advice to BIPOC women on using intuition to conquer common challenges.

• “One of the skills I teach all of my clients is to learn, trust and access their own intuition, so they can make decisions that are in alignment with their own goals and desires.” (00:30-00:45)

• “Our feelings are an indication to pay attention. It is the window to our intuitive guidance.” (02:25-02:31)

• “Sometimes our feelings are results of thoughts that are not serving us.” (02:44-2:50)

• “When we don't use our voice when you want to speak up, and when you choose how you look based on the others in the room, you hide your feelings, hurts and struggles from others.”  (5:20-5:45)

• “Your intuition may be telling you to speak up. Choose your own path.” (6:03-6:07)

• “For BIPOC women and children of immigrants, following their intuitive guidance can be more challenging because they were not taught to honor their feelings, they learned to blend in to be safe, and choosing the practical always had higher value.” (11:04-11:22)

• “You can always change your choices.” (13:52-13:55)

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