Nov. 9, 2021

What To Do in a Career Rut as a WOC?

What To Do in a Career Rut as a WOC?

In today’s episode, Kavita Melwani continues her conversation on WOC experiencing professional dissatisfaction. She discusses people’s tendencies when experiencing a career rut and the cultural conditioning that prevents us from tapping into our intuitive guidance.

Kavita explains that seeing our peers’ milestones online can make us feel insecure about our accomplishments. Although comparisons are natural, especially for immigrant families, it’s essential to check in with yourself and determine the source of your discontent. Kavita suggests creating a balance of the mind, body and soul to discover where your passions genuinely lie and where your heart is guiding you.

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn more about host Kavita’s advice to WOC who feel professionally stuck.

• “Whatever you see online, whatever you hear from people, even if it's in person, it's just what they want you to hear. You're only hearing one small piece of the process of the story of reality.” (03:43-03:58)

• “That can be a real struggle for a lot of women of color because we may have grown up in families where comparison was a normal process, especially being compared to those that were in our immediate surroundings.” (06:52-07:08)

• “​​I'm going to encourage you to check in to see: are you numbing? Are you overeating, over-drinking, overspending, overworking, so that you can not deal with the fact that you want to make a change and you don't know what to do?” (13:51-14:07)

• “When you are at that point where you've done the research and you've talked to people, then it's time to stop. It's time to check in, it's time to see where your heart is guiding you.” (16:28-16:42)

• “If you're looking for purpose, if you're looking for meaningful work, if you are really feeling stuck, you need to pay attention to that. And we tend to look to the physical world, especially if you are from an immigrant background because there was a sense of conditioning of the practical, of tangible. I’m going to encourage you to seek more balance of the mind, body, and spirit to use your intuitive guidance.” (23:12-23:46)

• “If you're taking action, go beyond your comfort zone, go beyond your surroundings and what you're used to.” (27:02-27:08)

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