Dec. 7, 2020

Using Intuition to Guide a Career Change: Interview with Marie Bowser

Using Intuition to Guide a Career Change: Interview with Marie Bowser

Do you ever find yourself struggling against your intuition? So many times, HSP/Empaths find themselves in a place of overwhelm, anxiety, and even depression and negative coping behaviors when they are struggling. Are you ready to stop that spiral, and figure out how to listen to your intuition to guide you in the right direction?


In this episode, I interview Marie Bowser and she shares her journey of overcoming the anxiety that presented itself in the form of irritability and negative coping measures that only added to her level of dissatisfaction. Marie shares how she was able to finally listen to her intuition and reach out for support from those around her to take the necessary steps to pursue dreams that she felt more aligned to while also finding new and healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety as an HSP/Empath through Chinese medicine & practices


[0:03] Introduction of Marie Bowser

[2:20] When Marie realized she was an HSP/Empath

[3:04] Discovering the magic in boundaries and releasing what isn’t yours

[4:52] Learning to listen to intuition when things didn’t feel grounded 

[6:40] Different ways anxiety can manifest itself

[7:37] Not listening to your intuition can lead to physical symptoms

[9:22] Learning to manage energy through different methods

[11:32] Challenges of starting a new business

[13:55] Using the Chinese practice of Qigong to re-align

[15:44] Learning the concept of Taoism

[18:26] The importance of seeking, and receiving support

[20:13] The need for ongoing, self-healing work

[23:04] Grounding: whatever makes you feel more present for yourself


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