May 16, 2023

Untitled Episode

Untitled Episode
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Consuming Vs. Creating as an Entrepreneur

How many hours do you work a day? Week? month or year? 

If you are an entrepreneur, there are the actual hours you work then there is the emotional/mental time you spend on your business. 

If your business is part of your purpose in the world - if it is a calling for you then I am willing to imagine that there are no set hours you work. 

Even though your work is part of your purpose, it is so important to consciously spend your time. It is so easy to work on autopilot, overwork, and burn out. 

If you want some tips on time management, then check out my episode on managing time as an entrepreneur. 


One of the ways that I have found myself overworking is by consuming content instead of creating. 

Consuming content can show up as: 

🌟Social Media scrolling which can ignite comparison and/or impact your beliefs/feelings and your results

🌟More learning - enrolling in free training, listening mindlessly to podcasts, reading books, and enrolling in courses that you don’t complete (I obviously think this is valuable or I would create this podcast every week - the challenges come when you are making choosing unconsciously)


🌟Looking for the answers externally

🌟What you can do instead 

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Link to episode on managing your time

Link to Episode on Purpose

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