Feb. 16, 2022

Understanding the Energy of Money

Understanding the Energy of Money
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Have you ever questioned your relationship with money? Do you feel like wealth and money are something that is out of reach or that it is a mystery? 

Understanding the energy of money is vital to being able to attract it, and this is important because I believe that more women of color need to have wealth so we can impact the world.  

This episode is the first in a series on the money and money mindset. 

The main takeaway from this week's episode: Reflecting on your learned behaviors, patterns, and previous relationships can influence our current energy surrounding money. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn about 3 ways to better understand the energy of money from your perspective and guided visualization.


  • "It is really a tool that I truly believe that a lot more women need to have in their hands because we can create the change in the world that needs to happen" (3:06-3:15) 
  • "The energy of money is based on your beliefs that you absorb and experience, (7:19-7:27)
  • "Our thoughts, our feelings, our words, are all energy."(13:44-13:49)
  • "That is the energy of money. What you're putting out is also what you're going to receive." (14:01-14:07)
  • "The impact that your belief system has on you, your childhood has had on you, has impacted you at a much deeper level than the external."(14:37-14:48)

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