Feb. 1, 2022

The Law of Attraction and Your Soulmate: Interview with Jeanne Sullivan Belluci

The Law of Attraction and Your Soulmate: Interview with Jeanne Sullivan Belluci
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Jeanne Sullivan Billeci began her journey as a certified life coach after leaving her corporate job. She realized her job was more engaging when leading or coaching her team through projects. After making the decision to leave the corporate world, Jeanne now devotes her time to helping high-achievers people with their soul-aligned careers, dating, and relationships. 

In addition to being a life coach, Jeanne is the author of “Be the Soul You Want to Attract” and “The Soul Mate Coach”. According to Jeanne, showing up in our power, rather than holding back because some think we're intimidating, learning about ourselves first is the key to learning about attraction and alignment in your relationships and careers. 

Jeanne and Kavita discuss why understanding the law of attraction is an important step in attracting the soulmate you deserve. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn why leading with spiritual/emotional chemistry is important when finding a partner. You can also and to hear Jeanne’s amazing story about how she stepped into her power of attraction and aligned her self-marketing to attract her husband overnight.


  • "The more I became the soulmate I wanted to attract, the better I started to notice  market changes in who was coming in."(8:44-8:56)
  • "I just really stepped into my sovereignty. I really got in line with what I wanted to do." (10:49-10:53)
  • I try to help people really go back and figure it out so they can let go of anything that is no longer serving them. (16:51-16:59)
  • "What are you allowing? What are you allowing yourself to receive?" (20:22-20:30)
  • "Look for a chemistry that feels very different. It feels like you're coming home."(21:30-21:42)

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