Nov. 2, 2021

The Great Resignation for Women of Color

The Great Resignation for Women of Color

In today’s episode, Kavita Melwani discusses the Great Resignation, a term that describes the current worldwide trend of workers seeking a career change. Kavita provides three self-reflexive steps you should take to determine if a professional shift is right for you or if another solution is needed to combat burnout.

Kavita explains how the pandemic has motivated many people to reevaluate their careers and question if they may find more fulfillment elsewhere. However, before making a move, Kavita suggests asking yourself how you are showing up for your job now, what interests you naturally gravitate towards, and if you’re willing to start over in an entry-level position. She also acknowledges that although it is tough for anyone to start a new path, it is especially challenging for BIPOC women due to cultural conditioning.

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn more about host Kavita Melwani’s advice to BIPOC women on making an informed career change.

• “If you've been kind of on this wheel of just doing and doing and doing, it's imperative to take that time to step outside of that daily grind and to really look at your thoughts, feelings, and how you truly feel about a situation.” (06:25-06:45)

• “A lot of what's happening is not necessarily that the person needs to change their career immediately. Instead, they really need to change how they're approaching their career and why they're feeling burnt out.” (08:00-08:13)

• “I believe you are fulfilling your purpose already. Just by being alive, just by showing up and being who you are. And if you're worried about not doing your work in the world, and fulfilling your purpose, start with showing up authentically.” (11:14-11:29)

• “There are the practical elements of a career change, you know, the finances and all that stuff. And if you're really excited and passionate, and you know what you want to do, then it's about making sure that you're ready, and you're willing to budget, or you're willing to do the things, and the people around you are ready to support you in that process.” (18:00-18:20)

• “Oftentimes, your family won't understand. They won't understand that you have this deep soul desire to pursue a different path. And you know that you want to go down that path. You can do it anyway. And so seeking a community of like-minded individuals around you is going to help you through that process.” (23:33-23:59)

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