March 14, 2023

[Sneak Peak] Find Your Niche to Attract Your Dream Clients

[Sneak Peak] Find Your Niche to Attract Your Dream Clients

This week I am sharing a sneak peek into a workshop I had last week called: 

"Find Your Niche to Attract Dream Clients You Love" 

In this masterclass, I discussed the following: 

  • Why niching down matters and how having an aligned niche can impact your business.
  • How to overcome the common challenges spiritual entrepreneurs face when choosing a niche.
  • Experience and learn the most aligned way to pick your niche.
  • Leave with a roadmap to uncover and clarify your niche. 

I am providing a sneak peek of the class if you want to access the full recording:

DOORS ARE OPEN TO "Hiding to Shining: A program for soulful entrepreneurs to craft their Purposeful, Profitable Businesses" Find out more here. 

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