Feb. 15, 2021

Shifting the Narrative for Health Care and Self Care - Interview with Rachel Hinds

Shifting the Narrative for Health Care and Self Care - Interview with Rachel Hinds

This episode features an interview with Rachel Hinds, an empath that has two businesses of her own. We discuss different strategies for self-care, running businesses as empaths, and how she is working to truly shift the narrative around health care with her Chicheck business, and self-care work.  Be sure to listen in to hear all about how empathy has played such an important role in her life as an entrepreneur and to find out all about different methods empaths and highly sensitive people can use to start making a real difference in the world today!

[1:16] Rachel Hinds - Biography & Background

[5:34] How empathy can be a great challenge, but also a great superpower.

[7:29] Learning the importance of holding space for people around us emotionally without us allowing it to affect our emotional state as empaths.

[10:03] Having support and acceptance from those around us.

[11:05] Different self-care strategies

[14:30] Peeling back the “fluffiness” of self-care to realize all the different forms of self-care, even when it’s not just the pretty things.

[15:56] Different challenges Rachel has faced in her businesses, and how she has dealt with them.

[20:38] Why the “hustle culture” just doesn’t work, especially as empaths and highly sensitive people.

[25:01] Honoring and Caring for someone as a whole being.

[26:22] Chicheck is all about filling that gap and helping people live healthy thriving lives.

[29:27] Rachel’s resource reveal (links listed below)



Link to apply for a 30-minute clarity session 


Rachel's Website 


ChiCheck Website


Resource mentioned in the podcast: 

Inner Bonding by Margaret Paul (a wonderful book about parenting our inner child)


Esther Perel (everything she offers), https://www.ted.com/speakers/esther_perel

Avia Romm's Website: https://avivaromm.com/