May 24, 2021

Self Worth & Doing Too Much

Self Worth & Doing Too Much

In today's show, I want to talk about self-worth and business.

I will talk about how self-worth is directly related to doing too much and the word ‘busy’ that our society has made like a badge of honor. How this idea has been deeply implanted that we need to be hustling and busy all the time. Because of this societal standard, we never take any breaks and we never give ourselves a chance to breathe. We wake up early and we keep going until we hit the bed at night and fall asleep.  So when you are behaving this way, it's important to bring it into your consciousness and become aware of what you're doing. Listen in to learn how to start tracking how you’re viewing your self-worth, awareness is always the first step!

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What I’m sharing with you in this episode:

  • Self-worth and business
  • Busy and hustling
  • What do you really want in life
  • Tracking your actions
  • Never taking breaks
  • Your health is impacted
  • Defining your worth
  • Media impacting you
  • Everybody wants to be seen and heard
  • We all want to be worthy
  • We all want to be loved
  • The external environment is not where you should be looking
  • How can you celebrate yourself right now
  • Live your life before it’s done
  • Are you living the life you want to live?
  • Pareto principle

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