Aligned & Soulful Success


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Impactful and practical

Kavita has an incredible knack for helping the listener to create insights for themselves with kindness and confidence. I love that the episodes are short, filled with relevant content, and inspirational. Thank you, Kavita!

Sooo good! 🎉

So grateful that Kavita gives so much permission to be exactly who you are bridge success in the 3D with our mystical side. Definitely give it a listen 💜

Incredible Podcast

Kavita combines her coaching , intuition, mindfulness and experience to help BIPOC women step into leadership. As a white, female coach, I’m listening to learn how to better understand and support my BIPOC clients while also gaining insight into my own leadership. Thank you!

Engaging and Educational!

The host is so knowledgeable! Love this podcast!


This podcast has really actionable strategies to help you align what you truly care about. I’ve added to my weekly listening list. It’s a powerful tool to guide you.

So Helpful!

A great podcast idea, addressing the challenges that HSPs and empaths face. So helpful, and so glad I found this podcast!

Organize your days so you can express yourself

"Align your days and organizing your time." I loved learning about paying attention to my own rhythm.

Feeling seen and heard!

I am a HSP and can resonate with every episode. I feel so validated in my experiences and have learned so much in setting boundaries and protecting my energy. Grateful for this podcast!

New to understanding your empathic ways? Here you go.

I listened to your informative, helpful and accessible ways to access your intuition. In a time when many are waking up to the reality of emotions and connectivity -- this podcast is a great + supportive resource.

So helpful!

Kavita offers support, advice, and kindness in every episode. Whether your loved one is an HSP or you personally identify as an HSP or empath, you'll feel right at home hearing Kavita's warm encouragement. So helpful!

Such A Great Podcast!

Kavita has brought to the surface a quality that many of us have to deal with - being highly sensitive and empathetic to others' emotions. She's got some great tips and information that's already made a difference for me.

Found myself supported!

I am definitely highly sensitive and have developed ways to work with that and from that. Hadn’t known there was a supportive place to dig into that and even make more meaning around this characteristic. So much love for this and a new listener!

I’ve been heard!

As an empath, I feel so seen with this podcast. Kavita gives practical tips that I can use in my life, and I love that.

Wonderful Tips for Empaths!!

Such a helpful podcast with great advice & tips for empaths & HSP!! Keep up the great content Kavita!! ❤️

Loved Kavita’s Expertise

I really enjoyed Kavita’s helpful tips and benefitted from hearing her approach. I love the concept of knowing our own rhythm- I am always trying to be someone else thinking that will make me “better” but accepting my own rhythm is something I never considered before! Thanks Kavita!

Empath Oasis

I feel seen and inspired 😄 I’ll be recommending this show to HSP friends.

Very helpful!

I really appreciated the episode on 3 Keys to Aligning Your Days. I can get overwhelmed easily if there are multiple tips so 3 was perfect and the tips were very helpful!

3 Keys to Aligning Your Days and Organizing Your Time

We often don’t want to talk about organizing our time because we think that would create a boring life… But it’s better to have control of things we want to do in our everyday and mostly importantly things that bring us joy. Really great episode with very actionable advice. HCTSP

Learn your own rhythm and honor it

Yes to learning how to work in/on our own rhythm. Thanks for the tips on aligning our days.

Great advice for empaths

I love that Kavita speaks to empaths, and I really appreciate the episode about highly sensitive kids, with ideas that I can use with my own kids.

Must listen for every empath!

I love this podcast. Kavita not only talks about the spiritual side of life, but she also gives so many useful, practical tips for maintaining a balanced life. I have never felt so in line with myself and my own body. Thank you for putting this incredible content into the world.

Calming voice of wisdom

This podcast host has so many tools in her toolbox for deep healing and awareness! I love the episodes, and my favorite one is all about creating your Vision.

This HSP loves it...

Need this more than I can express. I never subscribe to new shows but this one hits to my core.

Lovely show with heart!

Thank you for these topics and your care - Can’t wait for more!

Great pick me ups

Inspiring and helpful podcast

Great source of inspiration

I really enjoyed listening to Kavita. She is very empowering and empathetic toward to her listeners. Her strategies are approachable and her encouragement is genuine. I’ll be back!

Taking the words out of my brain

Oh my gosh. I just finished the episode on HSP & Fun and I felt like I was seen in a way that very few understand. Never would I have connected being a sensitive person to struggle finding things fun, but it totally makes sense!

So helpful for HSPs!

I am an HSP and really appreciated your education and perspective on this topic. So validating. Thank you for the work that you do!

HSP & Introverts

I have a couple friends who are HSP or Introverts. Sometimes it’s hard to be the one always making the plans or always activating activity. This was helpful for me to see as I’m on the other side of the spectrum. This insight will help me with them.

Helpful for a Mom of HSP Child

I'm new to this arena and appreciate Kavita's thoughtful and informative approach. It's helpful in me understanding my boy who I thought just feared loud noises and helping him navigate the world.