Sept. 27, 2021

Pivoting? I am tired of that word too!

Pivoting? I am tired of that word too!

Today's episode will be centered around change, we will learn about how it is important to accept change rather than resisting it. We will also learn that it is important to let go of wanting to be in control of yourself and the future sometimes.  To finish this discussion I lead you through visualization and meditation to support you if you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. 

I have also linked some resources down below to help you rise up as an empathic leader, feel free to check them out. 

What I’m sharing with you this episode:

  • Sensing and adapting to change
  • Accepting change 
  • Overcoming loss
  • Trusting what the future has to offer
  • Having a support system
  • How to deal with feeling overwhelmed or burnt out
  • A short meditation and visualization
  • Feeling more grounded and centered

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