Dec. 14, 2021

Overcoming Confidence Challenges as a Leader

Overcoming Confidence Challenges as a Leader
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In a male-dominated society, women often struggle with asserting their self-confidence. While this issue applies to women around the world, there are many struggles specific to BIPOC women. In today’s episode, host Kavita Melwani dives into the importance of self-confidence and the challenges BIPOC women face to reach their self-confidence potential. 

In addition to the underrepresentation of mentors and apparent cultural differences, a prominent objection that BIPOC women face is social standards. Kavita explains that oftentimes the standard physical characteristics of confidence are not acceptable for women of color. While it is standard for white male leaders to express high levels of confidence, BIPOC women in the same positions are seen as abrasive and aggressive. Even though these challenges can be difficult to navigate, Kavita illuminates the value of shifting your mindset and acknowledging your accomplishments so women in leadership positions can continue to grow. 

Tune into this week’s episode to learn more about the definition and characteristics of confidence, the struggles BIPOC women encounter in leadership roles, and how to boost your self-image so you can fully embrace the woman and leader that you are. 

“Your level of confidence may be different based on certain scenarios and situations. (03:07-03:13)
• “If you don't believe that you can do something, you’ll most likely prove yourself right.” (03:48-03:54)
• “As a leader and woman of color, what is perceived as confidence in the society you live in may not match what you know or how you were raised.” (09:22-09:40)
• “You might have internal self-talk that doesn’t result in self-confidence.” (11:51-11:59)
• “Most of our inner-self talk has been formed in our subconscious throughout our childhood.” (12:24-12:30)
• “Being confident improves other people’s perception of you which is what you want.” (16:24-16:29)


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