Aug. 30, 2021

Managing Anxiety as a Teenager: Interview with Devan Melwani

Managing Anxiety as a Teenager: Interview with Devan Melwani

How to manage Anxiety as a teenager. Today I am interviewing Devan Melwani about how he came to realize he has anxiety and how he has learned to handle it as a junior in high school. 

Devan learned that he was a highly sensitive person with anxiety during our time in lockdown from covid. He recently wrote a blog and came to tell about his journey that he has been on this last year and a half. 

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What I’m sharing with you in this episode:

  • Introducing Devan
  • Feeling like a highly sensitive person
  • Absorbing stress & retaining until later
  • Extroverts and being highly sensitive
  • Not getting his needs met while having to be isolated
  • Taking his stress & anxiety out on his family
  • Saying things he doesn’t mean
  • Labeling his anxiety
  • Felt like he was less of a person when he found out that he has anxiety
  • Your life isn’t worse just because you have anxiety
  • Learning what your outlets are
  • Socialization & exercise are Devans outlets
  • Devan wrote a blog
  • Stress is not all bad
  • Covid impact on teens
  • Schooling changes during Covid
  • Mixing of home & school
  • Lack of motivation from being in their room
  • Increased stress increases your anxiety
  • Social justice movement
  • Avoiding news because they focus so much on negatives
  • The pressure put on teenagers
  • Talking with your teenagers
  • Stress from school
  • Meditations for anxious people
  • Social media 
  • Social media can cause loneliness & anxiety
  • Jealousy & anxiety caused by social media
  • Always, always, always. Talk with your teens!

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