Jan. 11, 2022

Life Purpose as a WOC

Life Purpose as a WOC
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Do you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose on a daily basis? While this is a difficult question for some, host Kavita Melwani explains the extra barriers women of color must overcome to achieve their best selves. In today’s episode, Kavita discusses how to beat the limiting beliefs preventing you from living out your purpose. 

As we grow from childhood to adulthood, one of the main factors contributing to our success is our subconscious programming. For many women of color, growing up was about survival. When you are stuck worrying about generating income for your family, it can be hard to comprehend other paths and possibilities. According to Kavita, the best way to conquer your fears is to bring them to light. When you recognize what is holding you back, you can make space for positive change.

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn more about the importance of being yourself and following your heart so you can understand your purpose as a WOC leader.

• “Showing up authentically, being yourself, and following your heart is starting the process of fulfilling your purpose in this world.” (02:40–02:51)
• “I don't think that your purpose is just your career or your business or your roles. It is much greater than that.” (02:54-03:04)
• “For most of us that come from these backgrounds where there was struggle, the purpose of life was to survive. So what was modeled for us was survival. It was not about that feeling of fulfillment.” (04:22-04:40)
• “We have a deep desire to belong in a community and to be part of a tribe, so it makes sense that we make our decisions in a way that aligns with what we were taught.” (12:59-13:18)




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