Oct. 12, 2020

Is your Child or Teen an HSP/Empath?

Is your Child or Teen an HSP/Empath?

Does your child struggle with loud noises, do they become physically overstimulated where they need to have time alone to decompress and recharge before they can engage in anything well? These are all signs of a highly sensitive child. So how do you help your child thrive when the world overwhelms them? In this episode, I go over different ways to support and encourage your child or teen that is an HSP so that they feel accepted for exactly who they are. You want your child to be able to grow and thrive, so go listen in to find ways to support them along this journey!

[1:22] First signs that my children were highly sensitive

[2:44] The importance of routine

[4:43] Being labeled as shy

[6:14] The D.O.E.S Acronym by Dr. Lane Aaron

[8:07] Understanding and accepting your child as they are

[9:40] How you can help your highly sensitive child thrive

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