March 15, 2021

Interview with Stephanie Papadakis: Taking Control of Your Health

Interview with Stephanie Papadakis: Taking Control of Your Health

In this episode, I interview Stephanie Papadakis, who is a holistic nutrition consultant, AIP, coach, and grief recovery specialist. We discuss the different health issues both mental, nutritional, and emotional that led her to pursue her current business and the different things that led her to keep pushing for an answer with her health issues. In addition to healing your health with nutrition, a huge portion of healing also is needed in mindset and healing emotional wounds.

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[0:40] Introduction of Stephanie Papadakis

[2:57] Everything clicked once Stephanie discovered she was an HSP/Empath

[3:52] Extreme loss, leading to self-discovery through healing.

[5:30] A demanding corporate job and severe digestion issues

[6:02] Healing her mother’s autoimmune disease with diet and lifestyle

[7:12] Discovering it was CBOE and not IBS

[9:52] How to know what your true purpose is

[11:59] Pushing to find the doctor that really helped

[14:35] Learning about the mind-gut connection

[16:13] Clue you may need to look at your gut health

[17:58] Information regarding reflux

[21:42] Focusing on nutrition, emotional components, hormone balances, and looking at any potential autoimmune diseases

[23:43] Ultimate Mind-Body Reset 

[25:42] Client experiences after working with Stephanie

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The Ultimate Mind-Body Reset: A 6-Week Program to Help Reset Your Body, Heal Your Digestion, Reclaim Your Energy, and Transform Your Life

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