April 12, 2021

Interview with Andrea Blake The “Wholistic Health Coach”

Interview with Andrea Blake The “Wholistic Health Coach”

In this interview, we are speaking with Dr. Andrea Blake, who is the holistic health coach on an unrelenting mission to heal, empower and restore lives for the healing art of what she has coined as the H.E.R Method. 

Be sure to listen in to learn all about how she empowers her community, roots for everyone on their journey of natural health increase standing firm on her driving principle that God has equipped everyone with lifeforce energy, she charges forward to deliver her message that we are born with everything necessary, naturally to obtain and maintain health for living and functioning at our highest expression.

[0:41] Introduction of Dr. Andrea Blake

[2:19] Noticing sensitivity, but not having a label for it

[4:19] Working with a mentor to help discover that sensitivity is NOT a weakness

[5:17] The journey to finally paying attention to yourself and doing deeper work

[6:36] Battling a deep “functional”  depression

[9:35] More and more people wanting holistic health advice, outside of the scope of chiropractic care

[11:29] When you have unhealed stuff, people can sense and feel that

[12:01] In the midst of a hiatus and transition, finding and making space for what works

[12:52] The H.E.R. Method

[13:54] Accepting that you have permission to take a break and decide what you really want to do.

[16:40] Learning to acknowledge and feel your emotions as they come



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Website: DrAndrea@DrAndreaBlake.com

FB: www.fb.com/drandreablake

IG: www.instagram.com/drandreablake

Podcast: https://www.drandreablake.com/podcasts/ 

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