Feb. 8, 2022

How to Recover Valuable time as a Leader

How to Recover Valuable time as a Leader
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When you think of time, what comes up for you? How do you view time? According to host Kavita Melwani, time is valuable and we should be observant as to how and where we are spending it. In today’s episode, Kavita discusses ways to recover your time.

When we play multiple roles in our lives, it may feel like our time is scarce. It may be hard for us to see and understand how much energy we are putting into those roles. Kavita explains how multitasking affects our attention and how noticing the conscious and subconscious ways that we use our time.

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn more about the importance of recovering lost time, Kavita’s favorite methods to help with multitasking, and time management tips.



  • "The other question to ask yourself is, are you truly present and enjoying your task." (7:59-8:07)
  • "Take a look at what you are doing and when you're going to consciously choose it and when you're going to consciously choose differently." (9:40-9:50)
  • "If you want to get more things done, if you want to recover that time, then it is about staying focused on the task at hand. (10:06-10:16)
  • "If you've heard of starting with the end in mind when you start with that, then you're able to move forward and create your time." (13:35-13:44)
  • "Use some of these time management tools to be clear about how you are actually spending your time and whether it is in alignment with what is the vision that you want to create. That is something  you have control over." (16:27-16:40)



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