May 10, 2022

How to Know What You Really Want

How to Know What You Really Want
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Do you feel like you are searching for happiness/joy/contentment?

Does it feel like you will feel what you want to feel if you change your job, your relationship, or some external factor?

Have you worked on your Vision or even a Vision Board and felt like something was missing?

If you want to live an Aligned life, feel purposeful, and have a clear vision with goals to work towards you have to look at your subconscious mind and your conditioning.

In this episode I discuss:

"How to Know What you Really Want"

How your conditioning can create an unclear Vision

How culture and acculturation may contribute to your dissatisfaction

#Affinity Bias - what this has to do with your happiness.

#Model Minority Myth

How you can use jealousy to help you with your Vision and more

Links from this episode:

Link to episode on Affinity Bias

Sources for Model Minority Myth

Source for the definition of acculturation

Abundance Visualization:

Clarity session booking link:

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