April 25, 2023

How to Find and Live Your Purpose as an Empath

How to Find and Live Your Purpose as an Empath
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These last couple of years, I have been asked more than ever for support in helping clients find their purpose. 
The difficult times, the lockdowns, the working from home, and much more have been an awakening for some people -especially if you are a conscious, empathic, sensitive soul. 
This week I want to discuss purpose, how to uncover your purpose, and one exercise you can start now to have more clarity. 

Some things I talk about.

  • Definition of Purpose: What really is Purpose? 
  • How your strengths contribute to your purpose
  • How your business and/or job is only part of your purpose
  • Why leaving your job or changing your business may not be the only way to fulfill your purpose
  • Follow your passions and triggers as guides
  • A journaling exercise to have clarity on your purpose

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