Aug. 16, 2022

How to Effectively Attend Social Events as an Empath/Sensitive

How to Effectively Attend Social Events as an Empath/Sensitive
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Do you shy away from social events because they just feel like too much as an HSP or empath? I want you to live a full life, connect with others and grow as a human; attending social events is part of that. 

Learn how to attend social events effectively as an HSP/Empath without overwhelm. 

  • Review of what it means to be sensitive or empathic
  • Why social situations are more difficult for empaths
  • The difference between physical and emotional overwhelm
  • Taxed nervous system manifestations
  • Importance of attending social gatherings
  • How the event environment can affect you
  • Strategies and support to navigate social events
  • Tips for recovering after the event

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