Jan. 25, 2022

How to Create and Aligned Vision Board for 2022

How to Create and Aligned Vision Board for 2022
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Are you ready to align and trust in your vision for 2022? 

While there are many ways to inspire your vision for the new year, host Kavita Melwani, explains her favorite way of staying connected to her goals throughout the year. In today’s episode, Kavita discusses how to create a vision board and stay connected. 

As the new year begins, we are energetic and passionate about our goals. For many women, we get caught up in work, family, or life, and our attention shifts from those goals. According to Kavita, the best way to stay connected and aligned is to make a vision board that embodies the essence of your personality and goals. Kavita also shares why it is important to align and connect your soul to your vision board. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn more about aligning your vision and your soul to be successful in 2022.



  • ·“Because all the things that we want in life, all the things that we desire are because are because we want to feel a certain way.” (5:00-5:07)
  •   “Trust yourself. No matter what you do, what you put on the vision board, it will be okay. As long as you're connecting with the feeling, that's the important part.” (11:57-12:06)
  • “The deeper you feel while you're creating the vision board, the more in alignment it's going to be with you.” (13:00-13:09)
  •  “When you take that step toward creating what you want, it is coming from that place that is aligned with what you truly want.” (20:05-20:15)