Aug. 16, 2021

How to Access Your Intuition

How to Access Your Intuition

I have a few tools that I will be teaching you about today to learn how to access your intuition. 

These tools are to help you discern between fear and excitement. They are things that I use and that I teach my clients to use. When you learn how to listen to your intuition, you are able to make decisions from that internal knowledge instead of listening to all the messages outside of yourself.  Listen in to learn how you can use these tools in your life today to step into making decisions and trusting your intuition to guide you! 

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What I’m sharing with you in this episode:

  • How to access your intuition?
  • The ego voice vs. intuition
  • Intuition is also called the wisdom voice
  • The wisdom voice will be kinder and encourage you to be better
  • The ego voice will come across as fear
  • Oracle cards
  • People around you can sometimes give you a message that you need to hear
  • Song lyrics or billboards can give you a message
  • Pay attention to what's happening around you
  • Your intuition is actually speaking to you a lot, we often just dismiss it
  • Active imagination
  • Journaling
  • Your body doesn't lie
  • Noticing for you how your body speaks to you
  • Take some energy and time to strengthen that access to your intuition
  • It's really important for you to discern between the fear and the butterflies

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Episode 15 (Using your Intuition to Make Aligned decisions)

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