May 10, 2021

Empathic Therapist - Interview with Romona Mukherjee

Empathic Therapist - Interview with Romona Mukherjee

In this interview, we are speaking to Romona Mukherjee, who is a teacher,  guide, and mindfulness-based psychotherapist.

We discuss how Romona learned to embrace her sensitivity and gift of clairsentience after fighting it for so long. She walks us through learning to step into her spiritual pull and practices to where she now feels sustained in her life and business. Also, learning how to handle the different challenges she has faced as an empath and highly sensitive person, and how she has used discernment and boundaries to use her gifts to truly help her along her path instead of seeing them as a curse that can feel like a constant battle.

You don’t want to miss the wonderful tips she shares about how to really thrive as an empath once you’ve discovered you are one vs. succumbing to the overwhelm that typically comes with absorbing and taking on other people's emotions. Be sure to leave a review and let us know your thoughts once you’ve listened!

What we share with you in this episode:

- Introducing Romona

- Learning what an empath was, and discovering she was one

- Working as a psychotherapist and being an empath 

- Being an absorber of the family

- Learning different ways to support herself as a powerful therapist, while being authentic to yourself and not experiencing complete burnout 

- Listening to oneself

- Where Romona is now in her business

- There is total courage to listen to yourself

- Using yoga and meditation as tools 

- Moving away from New York

- Tools that will help serve you as an empath


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Resource mentioned in the podcast: 

Blog>>> Empaths Empowered 

Book>>> Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit by Rose Rosetree