Oct. 25, 2022

Empathic Solopreneur: Interview with Laura Voss Part 2

Empathic Solopreneur: Interview with Laura Voss Part 2
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This is the 2nd episode of my series on empathic entrepreneurship.
I am excited to interview Laura Voss. 

Laura Voss is the owner of Oh My Fitness Coaching, a boxing and confidence coaching business she created seven years ago and is co-owner of Bella Cosa Salon in San Jose, CA. Which she started running during the pandemic, smarttttt, right?

Beginning with in-home personal training, she found the clients drawn to her craved support most of all for empowerment, mental health, and stress management, so has a unique approach to help her clients feel their most fierce every day. 

Laura is married and spoils a fur-baby, Pretzel, who is the true star of Oh My Fitness Coaching and of their household. A lover of hiking, a good Chardonnay, dancing like Richard Simmons, brussels sprouts, cocoon days, and amazing pasta, Laura believes balance is essential for your physical and mental health. 

She also can’t get enough of traveling to see new places, hand-lettering, and creativity, -—and, most of all, flying to see her nieces and hosting over-the-top-get-togethers to spoil people! 

Laura is a fierce advocate and volunteer for young female entrepreneurs, those experiencing homelessness, and survivors of sexual violence. This fire to help every person feel loved, included, and empowered propels Laura in her business every day as well as in her life as a whole. 

Some Topics we discuss: 

  • Creativity is one of the strengths of sensitive souls and empaths; when we don’t allow ourselves to express that creativity, we feel smaller.
  • For an empath, balance is the most important thing. It is figuring out the best ways to take care of yourself. 
  • Comparing yourself to others is a natural behavior, but we have to work
    to stop doing that if it is stopping your progress. 
  • When you over-give - why your overgive and what to do instead.
  • How to manage being an introvert and an entrepreneur. 

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