Dec. 21, 2021

Emotions During the Holidays

Emotions During the Holidays
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With the holiday season in full swing, it is important to take care of your mental well-being. In today’s episode, your host Kavita Melwani discusses how to navigate overwhelming emotions during this time of year.

If you are emotional around the holidays, take time to understand where those feelings are coming from and remind yourself that it is okay to seek support. According to Kavita, people often make the mistake of focusing on external circumstances with mental stressors and emotions. Because these outside forces are unstable and constantly changing, it is important to look at what is within your control. Kavita suggests taking the time to fill your mind with positive affirmations because understanding what you want is a crucial step to creating the holiday experience you desire. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful leadership to learn more about the importance of accepting change, building genuine connections, and reaching out for support so you can enjoy every season of life with the people you love most. 

• “You have the power to have experiences that create the feelings that you want.” (01:30-01:37)
• “We believe that if we can change external circumstances, then we'll get the feeling that we want, but it doesn't work that way.” (02:24-02:31)
• “If how you feel is completely reliant on external circumstances, then you're always going to be in this up and down roller coaster.” (04:29-04:39)
• “It's important to fill your mind and thoughts with the way that you want to feel.” (07:08-07:16) 
• “Wherever you are, it's okay to seek support.” (09:11-09:14)


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