Nov. 30, 2021

Embodying Your Power as a Leader

Embodying Your Power as a Leader

Vanessa Nixon, The Mid-Life Wellness Goddess, began her journey in natural healing over thirty years ago. After struggling with chronic illness for years, Vanessa realized that conventional treatments were not working for her, and she needed to try something new. Shortly after Vanessa was introduced to herbal medicine, she felt in control of her health and changed the trajectory of her life forever. Today, Vanessa helps mid-life women create radiant health in their minds, bodies, and spirits through the use of natural remedies. 

When working with clients, Vanessa focuses primarily on three healing modalities: nutrition, movement, and herbal medicine. According to Vanessa, when we eat right, we feel better, when we increase our movement, we honor our bodies, and when we use natural remedies, our bodies heal themselves. Her unique approach has helped countless clients overcome menopausal symptoms and improve their relationships with their bodies. Creating true wellness is attainable for anyone, and the first step is committing to a natural and holistic lifestyle.

Tune into this week’s episode of Aligned & Soulful Leadership to learn how to harness the power of nature to increase your health, grow your confidence, and elevate your life by feeling in control of your body. 


• “Belly dancing was not only created to honor the woman's body but traditionally it was performed only by women, for women.” (18:37-18:51)
• “I chose to study so many different modalities because I wanted to have a lot of tools that I could offer to women that I work with.” (24:09-24:23)
• To me, leadership is being able to be vulnerable, and to bring your gifts forth, those things that make you uniquely you, with vulnerability and with compassion.” (33:11-33:26)
• “We can feel the fear, move through it, and we can let it go. And we can step forward and be leaders in our communities by using our unique gifts and our authentic voice.” (34:19-34:33)


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