Jan. 18, 2021

Creative Healing: An Interview with Adriana Marchione

Creative Healing: An Interview with Adriana Marchione

Today we are talking with Adriana Marchione. She is internationally known as a movement-based expressive arts therapist and educator. She has been involved in the arts for over thirty years as a filmmaker, dancer, photographer. Since 2002, she has been teaching and presenting her creative healing approach to addiction, eating disorders, trauma, and grief at training programs, festivals, conferences, and treatment centers including Tamalpa Institute, WHEAT Institute in Canada, South by Southwest, and Studio le théâtre du Corps in Paris. Adriana’s films include When the Fall Comes about her personal journey with grief and the arts, and she is currently directing The Creative High, a feature documentary featuring artists who have faced addiction, and the natural high of art-making. 

In this episode, she tells about her personal story and the trauma & addiction she has overcome by finding these creative resources that she now shares and teaches to others. Be sure to check out the free resources she has shared, leave us a review! 

[0:09] Introducing Adriana

[2:05] First key memory of being highly sensitive

[4:10] Wanting to blend into the crowd, regardless of being uncomfortable

[6:50] Having that drive, and need to push, but also being cautious because that typically is accompanied by a huge crash.

[10:49] Crashing and burning after excessive alcohol abuse, and starting the road to recovery.

[11:31] Healing through creativity.

[14:44] Work and training in the work of art therapy opened up a whole new field of awareness

[17:14] Chakra’s as points of energy and where HSPs like to stay

[19:48] Adriana’s mission to support creatives that have the capacity to want to touch the divine

[20:10] Using art and creativity to deal with grief


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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bridgelifeandart/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/adrianamarchione/


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