Sept. 13, 2021

Connection to Spirit: An Interview with Kathleen Joan

Connection to Spirit: An Interview with Kathleen Joan

In this episode, we are joined by Kathleen Joan. She is a priestess of Brigid who is committed to the resurrection of the Divine Feminine, especially within her Catholic-Christian tradition. She holds a Master’s Degree in theology and ministry and has over ten years of ministry experience, including directing retreats, teaching classes on religion and spirituality, and leading small groups and spiritual communities. She also offers Reiki Energy Healing, Spiritual Direction, and New Moon Goddess Circles and retreats to help women claim their sacredness in the image of the Divine Mother and take their place in the great rebalancing that is happening in the world. Today, she talks about her journey to discovering the Divine Feminine. 

A Highly Sensitive Person


Energy Healing and her Spiritual Path


Discovering the Divine Feminine


Kathleen’s Mission


The Divine Feminine


The Key Steps in Kathleen’s Journey



The opportunities or things that popped up for her were a matter of listening really hard and sitting with the contradiction. 


Kathleen says that it’s very important to bring the goddess front and center. 

Opening Her Eyes to New Possibilities 


Kathleen knows how hard it is to be in that space where the thing doesn’t feel aligned anymore. 


A lot of Kathleen’s path has been about discovering something she never knew existe

The Reiki


Reiki is this beautiful energy that’s a form of energy healing. 


Reiki for Kathleen is a feminine archetypal kind of energy healing because, as a practitioner, she doesn’t control how the energy is going to heal the person who’s receiving it. 


Kathleen’s Reiki practice has really improved her intuition and her ability to pay attention. 

Kathleen’s Work


Kathleen does all of her ministry practice through distance or phone at this point. The wonderful thing about Reiki it’s not bound by time or space because it is divinely guided. 

Kathleen’s Resource Reveal


 The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler. T


Many people that Kathleen has encountered in women’s spiritual communities would say or argue that today is a moment in history when the Divine Feminine is coming back into our concept. 


The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler

The Wild Woman Project

Brigid’s Flame

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