Oct. 5, 2021

Change Is Here! Find Out Why

Change Is Here! Find Out Why

You may have noticed that some changes have been made to the podcast: we have a new title, new cover art, and a slightly redirected mission.

While your host, Kavita Melwani, is still dedicated to supporting highly sensitive people and empaths, she has narrowed in her focus. Throughout the pandemic, Kavita realized that a specific type of person has been coming to her for guidance: multicultural women looking to step into their authentic selves in ways that don’t necessarily fit within their cultural norms. As a first generation American herself, Kavita has discovered a sense of empowerment and purpose in supporting these women as they reevaluate their lives and create the best versions of themselves.

Tune into this week’s episode of the newly named Aligned & Soulful Leadership Podcast to hear more about why Host Kavita Melwani has decided to follow her intuition and change up the show.

• “So, I started attracting women mainly, men too, but women like me. Women, who are multicultural and are trying to balance both cultures and want to be the best version of themselves. But their version of what they want to create in the world, how they want to live their life and the work they want to engage with and be in does not necessarily fit their cultural norms.” (02:50-03:20)

• “I need to go to the person that is coming to me.” (04:36-04:40)

• “During these exceptional times, I’ve seen more women of color willing to seek help! For a lot of us, seeking help is not okay. It’s not okay to air your dirty laundry. It’s really not a good investment to spend money on a coach or a therapist or any type of support.” (06:17-06:41)

• “I truly feel that we need women, women of color, to rise up into their authentic leadership, to rise up into their soulful leadership, to make this world a better place and make this a place that we all want to be, where we are all welcome.” (08:20-08:44)

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