April 26, 2021

Brown Girl: Balancing Two Worlds

Brown Girl: Balancing Two Worlds

What happens when you need to balance two completely different worlds? When you come from a subculture, and then you add being an HSP/Empath things can become increasingly difficult. 

Straddling two worlds is complicated. Straddling 3 or more makes it even more so. In this episode, I dive into my own experience with all of this and the struggles I have faced along the way, and how I have learned to manage and balance the different areas of my life.

What's discussed during the podcast:

[1:06] Initial resistance to record this episode

[2:04] Navigating cultural background and being a first-generation American

[2:21] My family descent and background

[4:35] Growing up as a first-generation American

[6:36] Patriarchal structure that is there in certain cultures

[7:07] Survival mechanisms

[7:57] A painful memory about my upbringing

[8:55] Searching for approval

[9:45] Wanting to go to college & become a Dr. only to be met with a stern NO

[10:00] Rebellion & last minute planning 

[11:17] The constant feeling of not belonging

[13:42] Trying to find your place, while honoring your family and culture

[15:22] Discovering my calling

[16:06] Helping others that have a culture they want to preserve

[19:04] Outside pressure from your family



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