July 5, 2021

3 Ways to Know if it’s Quitting time or the Tipping point

3 Ways to Know if it’s Quitting time or the Tipping point

Quitting time or tipping point? How do you know which one you are at?  In this episode, I’m going to talk about how you can find out by doing these 3 things.

Get ready to take a step back, write things down, and prioritize some action.  After you take these steps I talk you through in this episode,  allow everything to sit overnight and the right decision for you will be clear. I encourage you to keep going, you may be on the verge of a tipping point. Listen in to learn how you can find what your next step is in your life! 

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What I’m sharing with you in this episode:

  • Be persistent & consistent
  • Take a step back
  • Seeing from a different perspective
  • Speak to a therapist or a coach
  • Get a new perspective
  • Ask yourself how you feel
  • Are you burnt out?
  • Writing it down
  •  Write & acknowledge what you've done
  • Take action
  • Keep a practice of writing what you've accomplished
  • Checking in and taking different action
  • Creating a plan for yourself
  • Celebrate what you have accomplished
  • Allow yourself time

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